Metabolic best

Wellbeing & Weightloss offer complementary therapies that work together to enhance both wellbeing and weightloss, providing a light, nourished feeling that’s sustainable!

We lift ourselves up into greater levels of health and wellbeing when we nurture our body, mind and spirit so they work together and not against one another. Ideally, by having good emotional and mental health, along with a nourishing diet, we’re optimising our metabolism, assimilation and calorie burning. Also by taking a holistic approach and tapping into our body’s wisdom, excess weight is easier to release.

Julie is currently completing nutrition, weightloss and eating psychology qualifications to complement the wellbeing therapies, kinesiology and essences on offer, so a holistic approach will soon be available. She’s especially looking forward to sharing the wisdom of eating psychology, which is like the missing piece in the puzzle of why it can sometimes seem so challenging to reach or maintain our ideal weight!

You’re most welcome to email if you’d like to find out more or to book a relaxing RESET or Pellowah appointment.