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Archangel Michael Symbols

Archangel Michael is an incredibly powerful warrior of light and one of the most recognisable Archangels with his symbolic sword of truth, protective shield and cloak. Deep royal blue is his signature colour and he's often been depicted symbolically slaying a serpent or dragon. The messages on this page explore what Archangel Michael's symbols represent and how they can be both signs and tools to protect, empower and free us. The Angelic Signs page has more information about signs from the angelic realm.


Sword of Truth"...the Sword of the Archangel Michael which represents the power of perception,
passion and protection. The warrior’s sword that carries the vision of truth which Arthur used to build the vision of Camelot, the vision of unification and peace...
the sword must once again be retrieved, not from any physical lake of course but
from the pool within each and every person’s heart." Sir Bedivere

The Quest for the Holy Grail

Deeper Message from No. 1. Sir Bedivere channelled by Edwin Courtenay from,
November 2009 > Read complete message


Violet Flame Sword"In many previous messages it was stated that the Violet Flame can be visualized
and used as a sort of 'spiritual cleansing agent' to burn away negativity, disease,
etc., and this is metaphorically true... the Double Violet Flame is just an extension
of the old concept.... The Violet Flame Sword is another form of this tool..."
Archangel Michael

Double Violet Flame

Deeper Message from Archangel Michael channelled by Simon Nightstarr (,
7th June 2010 > Read complete message


Angelic protection"ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, PROTECT ME NOW, are the only words you need
know to invoke me. And by speaking these words, know that I am here with you.
With my shield blocking all distractions, all doubt and fear, and with my sword,
I am able to cut any cords of negativity and cut out any obstacles that may lie
upon your path."
Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael on Protection

Introductory Message from Archangel Michael channelled by Melanie Beckler from,
27th January 2010 > Read complete message


Hercules"...feel the courage that we are intuiting within you now as we bring forth these energies from El Morya, Michael and Faith, myself and Amazonia... feel yourself being activated now with this strength and courage within. It is part of you – this
is your essence... This will make you a powerhouse... As you feel your essence,
you see on the right side of your body there is a Sword, and Michael is now going
to bring forth the Sword of the Light for you. This is your Sword." Hercules

The Clarion Light Beings - Unified in Oneness

Deeper Message from Hercules in the Temple of the Clarion Light Beings, on behalf of the Group of the
Ray of Personal Power and Will, including El Morya, Archangels Michael and Faith, Hercules and Amazonia.
Channelled by Christine Meleriessee, 4th April 2011 > Read complete message


Surf angel"2011 will be a year of fluctuating waves of energy even more profound than 2010...
RIDE the waves… you can do this! The past 10 years have been a training of sorts,
as you have learned HOW to find your center, live there and remain stable... I,
Michael, stand before you with sword in hand. Feel your own sword of truth... as you
read, I am charging the swords of Divine Truth that you each carry." A'Angel Michael

Waves - Archangel Michael

Deeper Message from Archangel Michael channelled by Christine Bearse from,
7th October 2010 > Read complete message


St Michael slays the serpent"It takes tremendous effort to stem the powerful tide of emotion and fear-survival impetus in duality, yet it must be done, and sooner or later you each will learn this! This is what is symbolized in the 'slaying of the serpent' in your religious allegory
and metaphors. And it requires thinking in clear mind. " Archangel Metatron

The Polarity of Power and Love

Deeper Message from Archangel Metatron channelled by James Tyberonn
from, 2nd May 2010 > Read complete message


Archangel Michael's Eagle"I give to you now my code number vibration of 55 and spirit animal the eagle with
my colors being blue and gold with red. When you see this number vibration and/or
my spirit animal the eagle appearing in your life, know it is... clearing all obstacles
and lower density, creating a higher pathway for you. " Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael's Blue Ray Angel Number and
Power Protection Grid for Empaths and Ultra-sensitives 10:10

Deeper Message from Archangel Michael channelled by Shekina Rose from,
9th October 2010 > Read complete message


Blue ray"We may be in several places at any one time and Faith assists me in these
areas and between us can we answer more 'home calls' so to speak, holding
ever on to the blue power ray that we are want to work on..." Archangel Michael


Introductory Message from Archangel Michael and Faith channelled by Alec Christos Gabbitas from, 7 February 2010
> Read complete message



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